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Currently pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, focusing on emerging areas such as Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Reinforcement Learning. Over the years, I have published various peer-reviewed journal articles in areas of light optics, cancer research, genomics, and chemical engineering.


AI/ML Model Validator, Assistant Vice President

February 2022 - Present
Citibank N.A., New York

This role focused on validating AI/ML tools used across all areas of the bank with a focus on risk management, proper use of the algorithms, and educating stakeholders as well as peers on the newest developments in the area of AI.

  • Evaluated AI/ML models in the areas of NLP, Computer Vision, and Fraud Detection. Main projects involved tagging audio conversations with LLMs, clustering complaints and feedbacks with word/sentence embeddings, and identifying suspicious trades using anomaly detection techniques.
  • In Credit Loss Forecasting, pioneered a novel internal KPI metric to assess performance breaches in weighted portfolios. Also uncovered a critical issue leading to substantial overestimation in EAD forecasting for a $360 billion portfolio.
  • Delivered department-wide educational content on machine learning applications, covering anomaly detection in unsupervised learning, convolution neural networks for computer vision, and NLP related topics
  • Developing a use case of applying GenAI, GPT-4 in the validation workflow for Model Risk Management

Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Predictive Informatics

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York

In this role, I assisted and led various research cutting-edge projects in the area of Medical Physics using a diverse set of mathematical models and techniques to uncover ways to improve cancer treatments.

  • Conducted pattern recognition of oscillatory time-series data showing the impact of p21 and p53 dynamics on cell cycle arrest. This research culminated in a published article in Nature’s Cell Death \& Differentiation journal.
  • Invented innovative methods for patient classification using multi-omics data resulting in 2+ publications using Wasserstein curvature on gene networks and preconditioned random forest regression for genomics data analysis.
  • Sped up 100X an algorithm to calculate optimal mass transport of fluid flow in glymphatic systems by implementing customized multi-core parallelization of the code and code optimization.

Coding & Machine Learning Projects

Please find a list of previous projects below.

Brain2Mesh - 3D tetrahedral mesh generation of brain models using C binaries and MATLAB.
DBC - MATLAB implementation of distributed computing of Boolean functions using logical gates.
MCX - CUDA/OpenCL GPU-accelerated simulation of photon light transport in biological tissues.
mcxyzn - C/OpenMP implementation of light transport simulation with curved boundaries.
MMC - OpenMP/OpenCL implementation of mesh-based Monte Carlo for complex media
rOMT - MATLAB simulation of Optimal Mass Transport applied in glymphatic-lymphatic fluid flows


Find below a list of my publications. Also available at: Google Scholar

  • A genome-wide association study of contralateral breast cancer in the Women’s Environmental Cancer and Radiation Epidemiology Study
  • X Sun, AS Reiner, AP Tran, GP Watt, JH Oh, ...
    Breast Cancer Research (To be published)
  • Visualizing fluid flows via regularized optimal mass transport with applications to neuroscience
  • X Chen, AP Tran, R Elkin, H Benveniste, AR Tannenbaum
    Journal of Scientific Computing 97 (2), 26, 2023
  • Multi-omic integrated curvature study on pan-cancer genomic data
  • J Zhu, AP Tran, JO Deasy, A Tannenbaum
    Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems, 1-20, 2023
  • Long-term p21 and p53 dynamics regulate the frequency of mitosis events and cell cycle arrest following radiation damage
  • AP Tran, CJ Tralie, J Reyes, C Moosmüller, Z Belkhatir, IG Kevrekidis, ...
    Cell Death & Differentiation 30 (3), 660-672, 2023
  • Transient Diffusion in Bi-Layer Composites With Mass Transfer Resistance: Exact Solution and Time Lag Analysis
  • AP Tran, JH Meldon, ED Sontag
    Frontiers in Chemical Engineering 2, 605197, 2021
  • Distributed Implementation of Boolean Functions by Transcriptional Synthetic Circuits
  • MA Al-Radhawi, AP Tran, E Ernst, T Chen, C Voigt, E Sontag
    ACS Synthetic Biology 9 (8), 2172-2187, 2020
  • Modeling voxel-based Monte Carlo light transport with curved and oblique boundary surfaces
  • AP Tran, SL Jacques
    Journal of Biomedical Optics 25 (2), 025001-025001, 2020
  • Delicate Balances in Cancer Chemotherapy: Modeling Immune Recruitment and Emergence of Systemic Drug Resistance
  • AP Tran, MA Al-Radhawi, I Kareva, J Wu, DJ Waxman, ED Sontag
    Frontiers in Immunology 11, 1376, 2020
  • Selective photobiomodulation for emotion regulation: model-based dosimetry study
  • P Cassano, AP Tran, H Katnani, BS Bleier, MR Hamblin, Y Yuan, Q Fang
    Neurophotonics 6 (1), 015004, 2019

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